Fileja and Nduja – Maxfalduto Maxfalduto

According to an ancient recipe, is made with giblets and fatty parts of pork mixed with chili (… a lot!), Bagged, then smoked at first and then cured. Fully complies with the principles of home economics Calabria (poor!), That “the pig did not throw anything away.”

Unlike the other Calabrian salami, compact and robust way of their maturing, nduja maintained over time its “soft” to allow its use spread.

The hypotheses on the origin of the name ‘nduja are many, probably derives from the French “andouille” (sausage), and may have been imported during the period of Napoleonic domination in the Kingdom of Naples, of which Calabria was part. The Calabrians obviously have reinterpreted and personalized the ‘nduja recipe by adding the most important ingredient of their cuisine, the chili.

It ‘s almost superfluous to point out how the nduja, thanks to the exquisite taste and a spicy chili so Calabria (jokingly called “the Viagra Calabrese), is by some considered an aphrodisiac. You can ‘also be skeptical about it, but surely the nduja has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.