Nnoglia di maiale

Bagnoli Irpino (Avellino) Campania

nnoglia – Photo & text Regione Campania

Nnoglia or doglia of the pig is a typical salami like meat of the territory around Bagnoli Irpino, in the province of Avellino, and like many typical meats of this region it’s obtained from the leftovers of the pig. To obtain the nnoglia the big and thick parts of the stomach and the intestine of the pig are used after being pressed, fumigated and aged for 20-30 days.

The parts of the pig are washed and left in the water with orange and mandarin peels for a few days, after they are washed, dried and mixed with salt, chili powder and wild fennel seeds, letting it marinade for ten days.

Once it has rested, it is made into a salami in the biggest intestine, and then left to dry in a well ventilated and fresh place. It is characterized by a decisive and chili flavour, nnoglia is used to prepare the traditional married soup (minestra maritata) and, at Easter, to prepare wild chicory soup.