Pancetta pavese

Pavia, Lombardy

Pancetta pavese – photo

Also called Panséta, the Pancetta Pavese is a typical salami of the province of Pavia obtained by salting and maturation of the fat layer located in the ventral part of the half-pig, or of both parties that make up the carcass of a slaughtered animal.
The pig meat must come from females and castrated males. These are exactly those called pigs, while the correct name for the male player is boar.

Cylindrical in shape and weighs between 1.5 and 3.5 kilograms Pancetta Pavia has smooth texture and bright red center, white rather than outwards.

Production patterns
Initially, the fat layer removed from the carcase is placed in the fridge to harden, thus facilitating the subsequent processing stages. Following the dry-salting, which are used: salt, nitrites, nitrates, cloves, black pepper and other spices, which during maturation are responsible for the emergence and stability of color, aroma and flavor .
The evolution of the salting process, crucial for the success of the product, is controllable-looking surface of the bacon and the presence of fluid percolation (slow passage of fluid downward through the filter and solid).
After rolling, made so that the inside of the belly is thin, the stitching and the bagging, we proceed to maturation, carried out in a dry and well ventilated for 60 days.

In the case of the Bacon Pavia qualitative characteristic that makes it more delicious is the softness.
It must also be carefully assessed the appearance of fat: the more white, the better the overall quality of bacon. Another element to consider is that of greater or lesser presence of salt, excessive amounts, in fact, could compromise the taste and quality of salami. The most frequent problem, however, is that the cracks caused by a lack of cohesion between fat and thin, mostly found in the head and tail of the bacon. If you work without voids and air cushions, as well as seasoned in the right environment, the excellent bacon becomes a meat flavor and aroma when the particular dominate the sensation of fat.

Tasting notes
The organoleptic characteristics of bacon are determined mainly by the penetration of salt meat. Drying also encourages the development and stabilization of the color that comes from a reaction between the natural pigment of the meat and nitrite. The scent is distinctive, the flavor is mild and slightly spicy.

How to consume
Excellent as sliced, Pancetta Pavia is used to flavor chicken and quail cover the surface with thin slices of bacon in the preparation of roast.

Production Area
The Bacon Pavia is produced throughout the province of Pavia, an area where skilled manufacturing techniques used in the past still allow you to enjoy salami, coppa, lard and ham.