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The pork belly fat is preserved with a procedure similar to that followed for the ham, with one important difference: the absence of the press, presumably because, being the treated flat and long, however, liquids are easily removed.

As for the ham for the bacon, the basis of preparation is the salting, the meat covered with salt, pepper and sometimes fennel seeds, is allowed to drain. In some locations is subjected to pressing, thus drying or smoking.

Sometimes, eliminated the excess salt, is once again seasoned with salt and pepper or with garlic and pepper, or with salt and chopped herbs, then dried in a cool, ventilated, possibly arrotolata.Vi are however many variations to packaging traditional bacon trimmed by more or less rectangular, smoked or not, with or without rind wrapped, lying, etc.

The aging time is one month and a half of preparation, they can eat raw as relish or fried, as a component of savory sauces, soups, vegetables or cereals.

This dry bacon  is made with 100% artisanal (non industrial) methods, using partially firm sweet fat (lard) and red meat,  perfumed with natural spices.  It lets out an irresistible perfume of genuineness which takes us back to old times . 

It is an excellent “antipasto” before first dish, served in thin slices together with home made green olives and a glass of red Cannonau.

Besides, it is a precious ingredient in the preparation of typical Sardinian dishes, such as sauces for pastas and raviolis, rich in genuine flavour.