Pate’ di Lardo

Castelnuovo Magra and Sassello, Liguria

Pate’ di Lardo – Photo Salumi Gombiteli

curiosity: The slaughter of the pig also has fat, grease commonly used in many parts of the medieval West. The extent of the production of olive oil was that they can not fully replace, at least in the diet of rural inhabitants and not the poor, animal fats such as lard. The oil was then the connotation of luxury and the food was bacon flavoring used daily by farmers.

Features: fresh salami is eaten within a month as time passes and more lose their flavor conferred by the woods used.
The pate comes from the manufacture of bacon fat pig, salted and flavored with local herbs, can be eaten spread on bread slices just heated.

Mirko’s Butchery, Delicatessen Castelnuovo Magra suggested to accompany the croutons with a good white wine and aromatic fresh or better yet with the Sciacchetrà (squeeze and pull) of the Cinque Terre. Try the toasted bacon a thread of honey.

Preparation: After a minimum of 20 days curing, the bacon is scalped, chopped and finely minced with a Crivella that reduces the size of a spaghetti, creating a creamy fat.

At this point you are working by hand, sprinkle with herbs and spices, “which details a secret herb” for the two butchers who produce it.

The pate’ of Castelnuovo is packaged in small sausage-like cacciatorini, while Sassello is sold as a cream, taken with a spoon from a bowl.

It also keeps for about a month but, if used within two or three days of preparation, it releases all the flavors and aromas of herbs used in its preparation.