Piccola di cavallo, picula ‘d caval

Piacenza, Emilia

piccola di cavallo – Photo Trattoria la Pieve

Horse meat.

Territory concerned to the production
Province of Piacenza

How do
Prepare the sauce with the butter and oil, a plague of bacon, garlic and parsley; when it begins to brown, add minced horse meat, let cook on low heat for about ten minutes, then pour half a cup of broth which will be melted a bit ‘of tomato paste and continue cooking slowly.

History found
This product, which can be configured as horse meat sauce, is certainly the oldest and most robust steak sauce like taste. The product was accompanied by polenta poured into a bowl, dug in the middle and stuffed with meat sauce. Once the guests are served directly from the bowl, is now served in a bowl for everyone taking care to take equally polenta and sauce

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