Vallagarina, Trentino

Probusto – Photo Slow Food

Traditional product originating in Vallagarina, once made exclusively of beef meat and fat, now replaced by the pig, whose meat is fresh.

It ‘s a raw sausage meat, kneading fine, not cured, smoked, to be eaten. cooked

It is cylindrical curved, of varying size and weight. Two cylinders are typically coupled with rope tied at both ends to form a sort of “O”.

The external appearance and the dough recall the characteristics of frankfurters.

The surface is in fact pink brown and the dough very thin and well mixed between components.

This flavorsome but delicate sausage, is made from the nape of the pig’s neck and lean beef, and is of antique tradition. The sausage mixture is aromatized with garlic and then filled in mutton intestine. This is then left to air-dry for a day and is then smoked for two days in birch wood.

Trimmings and chopped lean cuts of pork
Bacon, pork bacon or throat
Ground cinnamon
Sweet paprika
Spices of variable composition from manufacturer to manufacturer
Natural pork casing

Husking of fresh meat
Preparation of tanning
Transfer of lean cuts and fat in meat grinder
Coarsely chopped
Adding the tanning
Grinding grained
Transfer to mixer
Blend until smooth paste
Transfer sausage
Binding hand with rope
Drying at 20 ° C for 12 hours
Smoked for 6-8 hours
AUTHOR (in part)
07/02/2006 – Paolo Boni