Prosciutta Castelnovese

Castelnuovo Magra, Liguria

Prosciutta castelnovese – Photo

Castelnuovo Magra is a hilly village, notable for its history and urban structure, with two anchors in the parish church and castle. One more reason for pause in Castelnuovo is provided by the presence in the cellars at times of great eighteenth-century town hall, public enoteca of Liguria and Lunigiana. Castelnuovo cooking is simple, but like all the Ligurian cuisine, full of invective, the result of secular insights that exploit the peculiarities of local products.

Features: Everyone knows the prosciutto, a few, unfortunately for them, the prosciutta, which its creators call the “happy wife” of the famous charcuterie. If the name comes from imaginative, the product is instead the result of the ability of a family of salumai Castelnuovo Magra has managed to blend tradition with the Ligurian Tuscan salami, creating a unique for its delicate aroma and taste delicious, enhanced by bread and wine red.

Preparation: You choose the legs of the pig calibrated for hams that are better quality, boning, removes a hand and shin, and keeps only the most thin.

This raises in brine, in a special stainless steel vats, under weight, turning daily. A week later, cutting may have already been used “as salted meat. To get the ham should instead wash the meat, rub with chopped spices and put it in a front room of aging, heat and gloom, which lasts for about two months along with herbs from the nearby mountains. Then proceed to the “filling”, using its fat and again “massaging” with the spices.

This operation is repeated for at least three times, interspersed with many such operations Oiling: both serve to ensure that the spices penetrate better into the ham. After at least seven months, the finished product is ready to be tasted.
The right temperature, the wise use of aromas and flavors and low exposure to light, contribute to product quality.