Prosciutto cotto di Sassello

Sassello, Liguria

Prosciutto cotto di Sassello – Photo

curiosity: In the Middle Ages (Full and Late Medieval) proteins are procured from the meat, provided largely by cattle “minute”: sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and geese. Despite the relentless and continuous reduction of oak woods, which are derived from acorns, feed the pig, he continues to play an important in the diet of the peasants: the meat is consumed fresh and salted in winter or under form of cold cuts throughout the year.

features: cured ham produced following an ancient recipe that has over a hundred years from a grocery store butcher Jacob Sassello at present. The conduct of the activity is essentially familiar.

The company does not buy meat slaughtered, but that is obviously the next slaughter meat processing is performed personally by the owners, in the premises. The ham is produced by processing pig, selected from the same butcher and bred by local farmers and nearby Piedmont, who care for them in traditional ways.

The product is distinguished by the addition of local herbs.

Preparation: The fresh legs of pork, are salted and worked with local flavor: in particular syringe inside the aorta femoral scented water where there are salt, sugar and a mixture of aromas, the “secret” of ‘company. Then the legs are stored in brine (13%) and a temperature of 2-4 ° C for at least 15 days.

Boning later, they “churn”, ie you put in a centrifuge machine that keeps running the muscle of the ham, and put into the molds, ready to be cooked. It is cooked at 70 ° C to reach an internal temperature of thigh at least 68 ° C.
After cooking, it is cooled, removed from the molds, toiletries (cleaned) and packaged.