Prosciutto dei Monti Nebrodi

Monti Nebrodi, Sicilia (Sicily)

Prosciutto dei Monti Nebrodi – photo

Preparation technology.
The first leg is salted for a few days, then dried and placed in a wooden trough, salt and seasoning for twenty-six weeks. During this period is often shot. Is then covered with finely ground black pepper, red pepper, oregano, garlic and left to dry.

a) Raw material: pig legs of the black race or local “Perugia” brady reared on acorns and berries, beech woods of Nebrodi. A month before killing the pigs are fed with beans and cereals.
b) Technological: salt, fennel, garlic, oregano and vinegar for the brine. Pepper, chilli, garlic, oregano for the aging and maturing.
c) Additives: none.

From fifteen to forty days in brine.

Aging period.
I n a room with tiled roof for a few months after the start of the heat (and flies) in the cellar.

Production area.
All Nebrodi, with minor variations. Boning some ham bone and put in place a piece of meat, rind of the thigh is then sewn with a distinctive square shape.

Source: Atlas of typical Italian products, Insor, 1989-1995