Prosciutto della val Vigezzo

val Vigezzo (Verbania), Piedmont

Prosciutto della val Vigezzo – Photo Regione Piemonte

Prosciutto della val Vigezzo is produced in the Vigezzo valley (Verbania).

Mountain ham from Vigezzo Valley. It ‘s a smoked ham from legs of heavy domestic pigs. Cured with sea salt, spices with pepper, cinnamon and cloves. The dough for the curing that occurs with manual massage, also contains garlic. The processing steps are washing, drying and smoking. Finally, seasoning with juniper wood. The production area is the Val Vigezzo.You get the thighs of pigs, salted, smoked and cured in the mountain environment.

The color of the slice is rosy.

Scent and taste are unique and depend alpine herbs used in tanning, the smoking process and the climatic conditions of the plateau.

The weight of cured ham is between 9 and 11 kg.