Prosciutto dell’Ossola

Val d’Ossola, Piedmont

Prosciutto dell’Ossola – photo

It’s the prosciutto from the Val d’Ossola, intensely spicy bouquet and in the northern ‘smoked balsamic, spearhead in Piedmont. A must-taste rugged backdrop of Mount Rosa, produced by artisans just for a predominantly local market.

Swept by hot winds, which dried up the lakes and humidity of the sausages, the Val d’Ossola has developed a thriving pork products, which puts the flower in the crown of the rose her specialty.

To begin the pork legs are trimmed to “chicken leg”, with high scotennatura. After being pressed, are stacked in layers interspersed with coarse salt for thirty days. While the massage, designed to soften the meat, is manual. At this point prepares tanning, a fragrant marinade recipe which is the signature of each individual craftsman. Dry white wine, flavored with the possible addition of pepper, bay leaves, rosemary, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. The liquid used for washing, is dried in the open air. The next smoking, lasting two weeks, it is also aromatic, due to the exhalations of juniper berries, branches of beech and pine. The seasoning, which benefits from the current mountain is very long, up to substantially exceed the year.