Prosciutto di Casaletto

Casaleto Spartano (Salerno) Campania

prosciutto Casaletto – Phot & text Regione Campania

Casaletto Spartano is a town in the province of Salerno famous for its production of a ham named after the town itself. Prosciutto di Casaletto is an exclusive product of Casaletto and surrounding towns, made from the butchering of specific races of pig, in particular the Large White or Landrace that are fed with the so called “giotta”, a feed made form residuals of human food and acorn.

The prosciutto is spiced with powdered chili pepper and salt and is aged for about a year. The shape is classic, the weight varies between 10 and 15 kg, it has the typical dark pink colour. Traditionally Casaletto ham is offered during wedding party to the guests, cut in slices thick 5-6 mm, with caciocavallo and local wine.