Prosciutto di Guarcino

Guarcino, Lazio

Prosciutto di Guarcino – Photo Livefiuggi

A tradition of reliability and a climate ideal for the maturation (determined by the position of the center, at the confluence of two large valleys) ensure the quality of ham Guarcino, agricultural town about twenty miles from Frosinone.

The process repeats the traditional methods, but the mixture used to flavor the ham is used in red wine with good structure, combined with spices, peppers and lard. Maturing lasts a long time, at least fifteen to sixteen months.

The color of the ham is between red and pink semi-opaque, slightly elongated shape, taste, very fruity and aromatic.

Product Description: ham produced in the Municipality of Guarcino and features more than 13 months of processing and maturation. Feature ham Guarcino is filling with lard flavored with chili pepper and juniper, besides the anatomical shape, red, salty, aged 7-8 months, average weight of 8-10 kg.

Elements of traditional ‘manufacturing process: traditional and secular Ciociaria obtained in an area with particularly microclimate optimal for maturing. The transformation process is characterized by the choice of cutting, the use of lard flavored with juniper for filling spaces, curing using natural climate environment for several months.

Premises used in local tradition: Local historians also maturing.

Traditional story of Product: Oral Tradition local tracks in the municipal archives, historical presence in norcinerie.