Prosciutto di Pietraroja

Pietraroja, Campania

The ancient systems of work, the characteristic climate and fine mountain air, make the Pietraroja ham a unique product balanced with a delicate and unique flavor.

Pietraroja hams are renowned for centuries: in 1776, the Duke of Laurenzana Piedimonte, committed a supply of “Prigiotta” by Pietraroja.

In 1917, Antonio Iamalio, in his description of the province of Benevento “Queen of Sannio”, describing Pietraroja, wrote:” There is flourishing mainly breeding pigs, hence the famous hams Pietraroja”.

The typical ham “Prosuttu” begins with a “hand of rifilitura leg (ham you get fresh back from the thigh of the pig, with the exception of boars) the day after the” shambles “is placed on the eardrum” timpagnu “of wood to four feet, and inclined concave, where is the “salting”, which lasts 15-20 days ‘stannu’ nzale.

When he lost most of serous “Solomon”, cleaned of residual salt, is placed in the press (wooden press) “supprescia” where it is pressed for four days.

The press has four vertical axes mounted on a base and perforated in several places, where heavy flow tables to compose multi-storey “registers.”

Ham falls on the first table and wooden blocks on its corners, set by “chiovoli” through the holes of the vertical axes.

In the gap between the table and cube, every twelve hours, are driven with a hammer wedges “wedges” section growing.

After pressing the ham is suspended in a smoky place for a week.

For four weeks and then undergo a further pressure spiced with black pepper and red pepper. This transaction is not a fixed rule.

Finally, it is coupled to a ceiling beam in a dry and ventilated room.

The weight of a ham varies from 9 to 13 kg average.