Prosciutto Lucano



The processing of this prosciutto has particular methods of preparation, arising from the many centuries of experience spent in the research of the best result in terms of the flavor and the method of preservation.

The animals used are of limited dimensions, not being over one hundred and twenty to one hundred and forty kilograms (two hundred and sixty to three hundred pounds) in weight, and bred by the farmers of the area.

After the thigh of the animal has been trimmed and prepared, it is put in brine for two weeks, then transferred to different premises and put between the original wooden presses, with a slight tightening of the screws each day.

The operation lasts eight or ten days during which the liquids are squeezed out of the meat. Once this is over, the prosciutto is larded in the cut parts with a mixture of pork fat, pepper and hot chili pepper.

Now the ham can undergo the first ageing which will last three or four months; finally, after another larding, the prosciutto is aged for another period of time. The final product is put on sale after at least fifteen months of treatment and is truly praiseworthy.