Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo (DOP)

Colli Euganei, Padova, Veneto

Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo (DOP) – Photo © gingerandtomato

The transformation and preservation of pork in Veneto region was widespread long before the arrival of the ancient Romans. The practice continued through Roman times into the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In the sixteenth century, several different recipes for the preparation of pork appeared and in the following century there is mention of a ham which was then known as Prosciutto di Padova. Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo is obtained from the fresh meat of a top breed of adult hogs. The hog’s leg is partly flattened in the salting process. When ready for consumption, the meat is pink tending to red in colour. The aroma is delicate, sweet and fragrant. The area of production encompasses twenty-four town districts in the region of Veneto.

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