Montenero di Bisaccia, Molise

Saggicciotto – photo

Preparation technology.
Grade pork (leg, loin, neck, etc..) Are minced and mixed with diced hard fat. It is seasoned with salt, pepper and stuffed into natural casings, but did not put in the press. It’s a version of Molise Guilmi fine sausage.

a) Raw material: lean pork of the highest quality, hard fat.
b) Technological: broken salt and pepper.
c) Additives: none.

A week in the kitchen to smoke.

Aging period.
Three to four months in the cellar.

Production area.
The best are made in Montenero di Bisaccia and neighboring towns, being not far from the sea, not the best climate to make ham, and where they use then the thighs and other parts to make valuable soppressate, and Ventricina saggicciotti. But it is made throughout all the Molise.

Source: Atlas of typical Italian products, Insor, 1989-1995