Salama da sugo di Madonna Boschi

Madonna Boschi, Emilia

salama Madonna Boschi

Territory concerned to the production

Fraction of Madonna Boschi, municipality of Poggio Renatico (FE)

Description of product

Chop and grind the meat. Put into the tanning mash (made from salt and pepper and spices) and mix in sausage casing suitable. Seasoning special rooms for about one year (but no less than 6 months).

History found

And ‘certain that the salama da sugo was already the queen of the table at the time of the famous Dukes of Este. For over five centuries, therefore, salama da sugo or more gently and affectionately salama, is one of the most famous and popular culinary kitchen Ferrara.

A legend attributes the merit of its prosperity to Lucrezia Borgia, who was widowed after the murder of her second husband, married in the early sixteenth century, to Alfonso d’Este court in Ferrara was famous for his patronage. It seems that in this period is passionately devoted to the organization of banquets during which dominates the salama da sugo.

Instructions for use

After an hour of cooking to be served with mashed potatoes or even better than apples to enhance the contrast of flavors.

The Salamis is the result of a clever mixture of pork, seasoned with spices and red wine, sometimes reinforced with marsala or brandy

It is also the unmistakable flavor of the seasoning period of nine to ten months

The salama da sugo is produced throughout the province of Ferrara and every family keeps a different recipe


Pork (neck, jowl, lean meat resulting from trimming the ham (thigh) and the shoulder)
Red wine