Salama da sugo IGP


Preparation of the salama da sugo – Andycowboy CC BY 3.0

It ‘s a raw sausage slurry, matured for 6-12 months.

Appears cylindrical, pyriform, smooth, linked to eight segments.

The surface is irregular, not flour.

The diameter is 13 cm, length 18 cm, the weight is variable, generally between 750 and 1000 grams.

Cut the dough is compact, fine-grained (6-8 mm) with clear distinction between the bright red color of lean meat (after cooking brick color) and white fat.

The texture is dry and the herbs and spices are not obvious.

Pork cuts: neck (53%), bacon (32%)
Liver (3%)
Language (2%)
Fat pig
Cuts of pork fat: lard (10%)
Pig intestine (bladder)
Pepper (0.3%)
Salt (2.5%)
Wine (8-10%)

Screening meat
Trimming Beef
Transfer to blender
Adding additives hand
Add ingredients to hand
Mixing of meat cuts
Grinding grained liver
Dicing language-Size 0.15 cm
Mixing of the liver and tongue with the dough
Stop in the refrigerator at 4 ° C for 24 hours
Bagging in pig bladder
Binding by hand with twine by dividing the area into 8 wedges
Drying at 16 ° C for 72-96 hours
Matured in a controlled environment at 10-12 ° C in the dark and thermally insulated with the moisture of 75% for 6-12 months
17/03/2006 – Renato Bertoli