Salame alle Rape

Livigno, Lombardia

Salame alle Rape – photo

A specialty from Livigno, Rape (turnip) is an exquisite salami sausage of pork fat, cooked turnips and cabbage.The production of this salami is a result of the particular Climatic Conditions of the Livigno valley Where the altitude made it impossible to grow grains and so turnips became the main crop.

(Brassica campestris) Description. Usage of turnips in the kitchen and health properties. Varieties. Tips and tricks for cleaning.

The turnips are the roots, vegetables and traditional Italian poor cuisine, especially in Northern Italy, even if not it is easy to find recipes that use a turnip as the main ingredient.

You can taste raw, sliced, but usually is boiled for twenty minutes after being held a day in water. Serve hot accompanied by polenta, boiled potatoes and boiled vegetables.