Salame Brianza (DOP)

Lecco, Como, Monza Brianza and Milan Lombardia

Salame Brianza (DOP)

Salami-making in the region of Lombardy dates back to the days of the Lombards, but the practice was given a fresh impulse by monastic orders which, partly for medicinal and therapeutic reasons, encouraged the development of pork butchering. In the early Middle Ages, the several salamis in existence were classified according to their zones of production.

The Salame Brianza has always been one of the most readily available and easy-to-find throughout the country. Salame Brianza is made exclusively from pork. It is cylindrical in shape and its size varies. The slices are homogenous and uniformly ruby-red.

The scent is delicate and distinctive, while the taste of the meat is sweet, agreeable and never acidulous. Salame Brianza is produced in the provinces of Lecco, Como and Milan.

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