Salame coi lardelli

Inland Lavagna and Chiavari (Val and Val Aveto Graveglia), Liguria

Salame coi lardelli

curiosity: The sausage was worked led to mature in areas of high valleys and Graveglia Aveto. The market is local, distribution and retail (direct sale from producer to consumer).

Features: pork salami; cylindrical elongated, tapered at the ends of a diameter from 5 cm to 8.7 cm, length 20 cm to 45 cm. Paste color from red meat to purple, depending on the season.

The fat percentage is 8% and the texture of the dough is thick.

Preparation: With a knife cut the meat into strips, is ground with meat grinder, using the Sieve No 14. Meanwhile cut the fat (lard or the lardetti) dadetti to always using the knife.

It mixes all with various spices (black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves). Then the dough is stuffed into casings (bell) pork. Is then hand-tied with twine and ripened large hanging wooden beams. Maturation takes place in a cool dry place.

Are left to mature hung at a distance of about 4 cm apart, for a period of 40 days. Maturation takes place in cellars is seasoned too