Salame cotto


Salame cotto – F Ceragioli CC BY-SA 4.0

Salame cotto is a pork sausage made with different methods, related to the production, creation is currently selected with cuts and not with meat of choice. The meat is minced finely with annexation of lard and bacon, also in different areas of production are added salt, spices (pepper, cinnamon, cloves), in the areas of Biella mint and wine, all packed into a gut large. You run a brew or, in the sausage more evolved, there shall be a steamer. Often preserved in brine, recently using vacuum technology which gives better hygiene and a longer storage, with commercial benefits. Production typical of the Piedmont region with variation of ingredients used in the various producing areas. The salami is produced in different areas of Piedmont.

It is a cooked sausage, cylindrical, more omen of great size, consisting of pork and fat (lard and / or bacon).

The weight can be up to 3-4 kg.

The slice is compact and homogeneous, pinkish red, with the fat in the form of lard or ground.

The aroma is strongly affected by the various ingredients used in tanning.