Salame del Montefeltro

Montefeltro, Marche

Salame del Montefeltro

Salame del Montefeltro is prepared with pork leg meat, cut with the tip of a knife, seasoned with salt and pepper, stuffed and seasoned. Has a cylindrical shape, weighing from three hundred to nine hundred grams, after maturing, between sixty and one hundred and fifty days, is hard in consistency, rough to the touch and covered with a light layer of brown-black mold. The meat texture is smooth, compact, dark red, with white and fine bacon.

Salame del Montefeltro is very similar to salami of Fabriano and should also be prepared with pigs Magrone with black fur, but they are increasingly rare. This sausage processing differs from that of Fabriano due to a higher dose of pepper in beans or ground.

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