Salame di Canossa

Appennino Reggiano, Emilia

salame di Canossa – Photo Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori

Territory concerned to the production

Appennino Reggiano

Description of product

Salami traditional preparation. The meat used comes from pigs reared on natural foods, the races are highly selected and through decades of trials intended to create a local ecotype, addressed to the food industry. The cuts selected by pigs are finely chopped apart are prepared to add cubes of fat mixture. The two components are then mixed and the mixture thus obtained was stuffed into natural casings.

History found

The Appennino Reggiano meats have been known since antiquity. A legend says that the dukes of Modena and Parma, specially supply of this product in this mountain town for the stocks of the year. This product characteristic is named after the village of Feline in Castelnuovo Monti, which is overlooked by a watchtower dating back to Matilda (year 1000 AD) still intact, cylindrical is rightly called “salami feline.

Instructions for use

Once stagionato is consumed sliced.