Salame di Felino IGP

Felino, Emilia-Romagna

Salame Felino – Lungoleno CC BY-SA 4.0

Salame di Felino owes its goodness to its secular tradition, which requires a medium-coarse grind grain from selected cuts of pork, spicy rigorously enough, and mature for a certain number of months.

In short, Salame di Felino salami is the oldest in use in the valleys of Parma, with the equilibrium ratio of lean meat and lard and with its unmistakable fragrance.

From the salami mixture to snack, Salame di Felino is one of the tasty pork dishes, popular with all ages.

Felino salami has its name after the homonymous municipality of Val Baganza that gave birth, and it is one of the most popular meats of Parma.

Produced, sometimes industrially and imitated, in many parts of Italy under the title ‘Felino salami,’ in these times has reached its official consecration.

It is now protected by European legislation with the seal IGP (PGI – Protected Geographical Indication). Only salami made in Felino can have the name Felino! No cheating on this name in the European Union member states!

This critical achievement enriches, even more, its name recognition, bringing its deserved fame and location to one of the most recognized and famous Italian sausages.

Source: Comune di Felino

An American producer makes a Salame Felino in San Francisco. The Italian Salame Felino obtained IGP protection in Europe. The IGP Indicazione Geografica Protetta – Protected Geographic Indication identifies a product originating from a region or a country. It’s quality, reputation, recipe, and characteristics traced back to its geographical origin, and of which at least one production and or processing phase must take place in the designated zone of production. This protection may not be legally applicable in the USA. Still, it is at least ridiculous to call Salame Felino something made in San Francisco as there is no neighborhood there called Felino. Is it a subtle legal game played by the American producers to fool the American consumers using the name of a famous Italian product to sell something that has little to spare with it?

The result is not a lousy salami, but it is very different from the real stuff! While the real Felino is firm, the USA wannabe imitation is somehow tender, much larger, and has nothing to compare to the original.

Real Felino salami is imported in the USA by Veroni USA and sold online by Alma Gourmet