Salame di Filzetta


Salame di Filzetta ai tartufi – photo

The salami Filzetta is a pork sausage seasoned medium-long to be consumed raw.

The salami salami Filzetta is a medium-fine grind, pasta with light pink; cilndrica regular in shape, smooth texture, diameter of 560 mm, length 45 cm and weighing between 0.7 and 1 kg.
It ‘sold with aluminum seal and paper label.

Production area:
The salami Filzetta is produced throughout the Lombardy region.

Production modes:
To produce the salami filzetta lean cuts and fat are cooked, powdered, and mixed. Mixture are added salt and spices and everything is then bagged

The salami Filzetta differs from other sausages for the type of casing used nell’insaccatura.

The salami Filzetta has a characteristic odor, with the prevailing note of garlic flavor shows traces of acid.

How to consume:
Sliced the salami Filzetta can be eaten as an appetizer or main dish.
Can be served with aperitifs.