Salame di Montisola

Monte Isola, Brescia, Lombardia

Salame di Montisola – photo

Pork sausage, seasoned and smoked.

Weighs between 500 and 800 grams, a diameter of 5 cm. Dark color.

Production area:
Salame Montisola is traditionally produced in the municipality of Monte Isola, in the Province of Brescia.

Production modes:
The meat is cut into pieces with a knife rather than chop the meat grinder, except prepare the mixture of spices, garlic is crushed and put it to rest in the wine.
The whole is then mixed with the meat mixture to form a very homogeneous.
It is stuffed into natural casings.
After 5-6 days you smoked sausage for a night with the smoke of juniper wood.
Once smoked are stored in the cellar.
Maturing is about a month.
The tradition advised to keep covered with fat (lard) in dry and fresh.

Characteristic taste, smoky, sweet and spicy

How to consume: