Salame di patate

Canavese, Piemonte

Salame di patate – Photo & text ©

It is a sausage based on boiled potatoes and pork meat. In some areas of Biella, some blood is added in order to obtain a pink-colored product. Sometimes it is also called “salampatata”.

* Processing Method: Potatoes are boiled. The product is seasonal (October-March) because new potatoes are not suitable to prepare it; moreover, the product is very delicate and doesn’t like warmth. Meat scraps are minced together with potatoes and aromas.

Once ready, the product must be consumed fresh within 5-6 days, or dry within 15 days. Each salami weights about 1 hectogram.

* Production Area: The product is characteristic of the whole Canavese area, from Dora Baltea to Stura di Lanzo and some areas of Biellese: Banchette (TO), Ivrea (TO), Feletto (TO) San Benigno Canavese (TO), Biella; Canavese.