Salame di San Benedetto Po sotto le ceneri

San Benedetto Po, Mantova, Lombardia

Salame di San Benedetto Po sotto le ceneri – photo

Produced in the traditional way in San Benedetto Po, province of Mantua, salami under the ashes is a raw sausage, made with pork, cooked on the embers. Looks like cylinder size and weight variables, linked to string with an outer surface of gray.

The dough is compact, with medium to coarse grained and well distributed with a clear demarcation between red and white of the lean bacon.

The lean part of the sausage is made of bacon and lard into small cubes to which is added salt, pepper and herbs according to the manufacturer.

The meat is made to stand for 12 hours before being passed through the meat grinder and mixer, then add the spices, bacon and more bacon, if necessary, until the mixture is homogeneous. The stuffing is mechanical and twine tying manual, once doing this is the feature cover with ashes and cooking on the embers.