Salame gentile, Salam gentil

Piacenza, Emilia

salame gentile – Photo Salumificio Peveri Carlo

The production area comprises the whole of the province of Piacenza.

Description of product
The raw material consists of a mixture of boneless pork shoulder, chopped ham, thin throat, resulting from domestic pigs, with added salt, flavorings and preservatives. The preparation is made by grinding in mincer with die hole of about 6 mm in diameter. Salting is carried out using salt, sugar (sucrose, dextrose), spices, antioxidant and preservative. Thereafter, there shall be careful mixing the dough and then all’insaccatura natural pig gut (or kind or culare filzetta), puncture of the envelope and then the ligation steps sparse. Drying is performed at an ambient temperature varying between 13 ° and 22 ° to allow adequate drying of the product. The seasoning is made with room temperature around 10-16 º C and relative humidity between 70 and 90%. lasts for a minimum period of 60 days from the time of salting.

History found
The sausage has always been a pride of the city of Piacenza. Attilio Rapetti the Journal writes, “The Dark” and published in the newspaper “Freedom” in Piacenza, the article “Salam and cup” where calls un’altrapoesia Valente Faustini: “Salam young! Codghinass! And much MEJ s’ien long half brass! Vegna bit … ” the noble salam (t s’al pias long and Sutil “Salami young cotechini! is so much better if they are half a yard long! … then comes the salami nice (if you like long and thin)” .

The definition of “salami gentile” is also used in the work of Ferdinand Arisi “Other things Piacenza art and history” – P.. 99 – Boselli and the Butcher: “… for a whole year would be drawn (sparingly, because it does not end sooner than expected) to this source … to see the guts … assume functions and looks new, different transparencies depending on the thickness and measurement of meat to rise up in dignity in the rare company of food, elevated to the rank of sausage (luganga “yes” salcicciotto (cudghein), salami or just kind … ”

Instructions for use
The product can be sold in bulk or packed in vacuum or modified atmosphere, whole, sliced or sliced.