Salame toscano


Salame toscano

Traditional product of the entire region.

It ‘a salami sausage dough raw, seasoned for a period varying from 20 days depending on the size of small sausages for up to one year for major cuts.

The average curing is at least 3-4 months and the product is consumed raw.

It is cylindrical hand-tied with rope.

Has a diameter of 3.8 cm and lengths of 10-30 cm, weight variable but on average between 500 and 1000 grams, sometimes 4-5 kilograms.

Presents smooth, greyish.

Shear is a medium-grained (4-6 mm) dark red in the lean and coarse white in the fat.

Trimmings of leg, shoulder, neck, neck, loin (70-75%)
Pork back fat (25-30%)
Sodium nitrate (E 251)
Crushed garlic
Red wine
Herbs and spices different from manufacturer to manufacturer
Natural gut: right or gourd (bondeana) Beef

Cut the fat with a knife in nuts 1.5-2 cm side
Weighing meat
Preparation of tanning
Cut the meat into medium-grained (4-6 mm) in mincer
Transfer meat, fat and dressing in mixer
Blend all ingredients until smooth paste
Transfer sausage
Hand Binding
Drying for 20 days at 20-22 ° C
Ripening at 14-16 ° C for 3-4 months, sometimes up to a year depending on size
30/03/2006 – Paolo Boni

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