Salami in the USA: an experience not to repeat !

The company sells, from Dallas, imported salami products, as well as some made in the USA. Many of these products are presented as Italian salami. The American manufacturers of salami obtained, through lobbying of the Congress, the right to name Italian salami the products they make in America.

This is the history of my dealings with

I ordered Salame Felino for my American grandchildren, who live in Atlanta because I wanted them to taste one of the best Italian salami. I was not there when they received the delivery, therefore I couldn’t judge what they got, I just relied on the name of the salami, and the reputation of the seller, who for years sold Italian salami in the USA. My grandkids enjoyed it, but they are American, they don’t know what the real stuff should be!

Order date: 06/22/2019
Order#: 14815
Shipping to: Greta Massetti

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 1 of : Italian Salame Felino (Approx. 1.1lb) $26.90 Shipped
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Grand Total: $43.55

Based on their comments I then bought for myself Prosciutto Cotto, Salame Felino, and bresaola.

Order date: 09/09/2019
Order#: 15207
Shipping to: Enrico Massetti

Items Ordered: Price: Status:
 1 of : Italian Salame Felino (Approx. 1.1lb) $26.90 Shipped
 1 of : Italian Sliced Bresaola (Approx. 0.25lb) $13.50 Shipped
 1 of : Italian Sliced Cooked Ham – Prosciutto Cotto (Approx. 0.45lb) $9.20 Shipped
Product Subtotal: $49.60
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Shipping & Handling: $21.95
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When I received the products, on September 13, 2019, I was very happy, and I immediately posted my feelings on Facebook:

Italian alami received in the USA
The salami I received

Questo pacco mi è stato consegnato del mio salumiere qui negli USA, via posta celere in due giorni (pacco refrigerato) da Dallas, Texas. Loro consegnano in tutti gli Stati Uniti. (This package was delivered to me by my grocer here in the USA, by express mail in two days (refrigerated package) from Dallas, Texas. They deliver throughout the United States.)

La bresaola ed il prosciutto cotto sono originali Italiani, MA il salame felino è “made in USA”. Buono, ma non è la stessa cosa. (Bresaola and cooked ham are original Italian, but feline salami is “made in the USA”. Good, but it’s not the same thing.)

I received many reactions from my Italian friends, all of them extremely negative. They ranged from a critique of how the Prosciutto Cotto appeared to the fact that Salame di Felino is only made in the town of Felino. I was cornered by their comments and critiques and had to explain what is the situation with Salami in the USA.

The Salame di Felino

The Salame Felino was made in San Francisco. The Italian Salame Felino obtained IGP protection in Europe. This IGP Indicazione Geografica Protetta – Protected Geographic Indication acronym identifies a product originating from a region or a country, and whose quality, reputation, recipe, and characteristics traced back to its geographical origin, and of which at least one production and/or processing phase must take place in the designated zone of production.

This protection may not be legally applicable in the USA, but it is at least ridiculous to call Salame Felino something made in San Francisco as there is no neighborhood there called Felino.

Is this a subtle legal game played by the American producers to fool their American consumers using the name of a famous Italian product to sell something that has little to spare with it?

Salame di Felino


Salame Felino is a pure pork salame from Felino, a small town located in the proximity of Parma, where the famous prosciutto di parma is made. The word salame comes from the Latin root for salt, or “als”, which later became “sal”. This special aged sausage has been produced for centuries and it is the product of the best pork meat and the particular microclimate of the area of production, allowing it to be aged naturally.
The fresh meat used to make the felino salame is carefully selected from deboned shoulder and belly that is ground with lean and fat cuts of ham. The meat is mixed with salt, spices and natural aromas. The salame should contain 25-30% fat and hard fat is preferred.
After the meat is coarsely ground, salt, whole peppercorns and white wine are added. The salame is then stuffed by hand into a pork casing, which gives it its characteristic uneven width. It is then aged slowly and the final product should be soft, with a sweet taste and delicate aroma.

Due to the length of the felino salame being unsuited to our shipping boxes, each one is cut into 2 pieces and vacuum-packed separately. This listing is for the purchase of ONE 1.1lb piece.

Origin: Usa

The result is not a lousy salami, but it is has nothing to do with the real stuff! While the real Felino is firm, the USA wannabe imitation is somehow tender, much larger, and has nothing to compare to the original. writes: Salame Felino is a pure pork salame from Felino, a small town located in the proximity of Parma, where the famous prosciutto di Parma is made. They don’t specify on the same line that what they sell is the one made in San Francisco, only, at the end of the text, that the country of origin is the USA. Slightly misleading!

The Prosciutto Cotto

When I was a kid living in Italy, I spent my summer vacations with my nonna (grandmother) in a small village in the Alps near Milan. She was always running after me in the fields where I was playing to give me, as a snack, a panino col prosciutto Cotto.

In Italy, a 2005 law identifies three quality levels for the Prosciutto Cotto: “cooked ham”, “selected cooked ham” and “high-quality cooked ham”. The one I received from Dallas was only marked with the country of origin Italy. It was of the lowest possible level. Nothing that my Italian nonna would ever have given me.


The bresaola had Country of origin USA. website says: Originating from the Valtellina Valley region of northern Italy, bresaola is most typically made from lean cuts of beef such as the eye of round.

Again, a bit misleading. The beef used to make this bresaola was probably from Uruguay. I have nothing against the bresaola made in the USA, but I know, and use, other suppliers who provide more acceptable products. This one was too pungent, very far from the original from Valtellina.

In summary:

I will never again order anything from this Company, and I strongly recommend you to find a different one for your Salami purchases in the USA!

Finally, I have been able to taste the original Salame di Felino!

Veroni USA imports in the USA real “made in Italy” salami.
I bought Salami Felino Veroni DOP from I have been very happy, finally, it was the real stuff I had been searching for for a long time! Outstanding!

Real Italian Salami products available for purchasee online.

Bresaola della Valtellina

Ask any Italian you know what they would eat if they went on a diet after the heavy Christmas holiday meals with panettoni, torroni, pandori, chocolate etc. and I could bet anything you want that bresaola would be listed in their perfect Italian diet menu.

The "real" and best bresaola is produced in Valtellina, an area of about 200 km in the centre of the Alps, in northern Lombardy, between Italy and Switzerland, and it's available here!

Product of Valtellina, Italy

Veroni Salami Milano - 1 Lb Slice

Pork and beef

The fat and lean parts are first refrigerated to harden them and are then passed under the cutter before they are minced and then mixed. This finely minced mixture is then stuffed into a stitched natural pig's intestine casing. The salami is then strung tightly together.

Product of Italy

Veroni Di Parma Salami 1 Lb.

Carefully selecting raw materials and stringently monitoring production and curing techniques to generate the highest product quality.

Product of Italy

Rovagnati Mortadella with Pistachio 1 Pound Sliced

The name “mortadella” is traced back to Roman times. According to some sources, it derives from “Mortarium” (mortar), a tool used to crush the pork. The production of mortadella, however, can be located in an area of Roman influence, which extends from Emilia Romagna to Lazio. Mortadella is in fact the most famous cooked Bolognese tradition sausage, with historical origins dating back to the sixteenth century. In more recent times the area of the original production has spread to neighboring areas.

Product of Italy

Prosciutto di Carpegna Deboned Aged 20 Months D.O.P. from Italy - 14.8 Pounds Approx.

14.8 pound (6.7 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES
Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic with Cute Yellow Cloth Bag
Aging: 20 months

The habit of salting meat in the County of Carpegna is ancient, testified in the act of 1407. The Count of Urbino Guidantonio ordered that the market should take place in Monte Cerignone and prohibited from selling elsewhere oxen, sheep, castrated sheep, hogs and salted meat. A witness is in an elaborate part of St. Anthony Abbot, preserved in the parish of St. Leo Carpegna, where the saint is represented with a sweet ham to protect the production processes.

Product of Carpegna, Italy


Speck is made from a pig's rear thigh, which is deboned, and smothered in a dry-cure of salt and various spices, which include pepper, garlic, juniper, pimento, and sugar

Product of Italy

Cotechino from Modena IGP

This is the real Cotechino from Modena IGP (Indication Geografic Protected) a sweet, yet spicy, cooked pork sausage

Traditionally served on New Year’s Eve, crowning a bed of lentils

Originally from Modena, contechino holds a special place in the hearts, and stomachs, of most Italians due to the persisting belief that if eaten together with lentils as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, you will be the recipient of good luck for the year to come

Our skillfully made Cotechino di Modena IGP is precooked so that the meat is guaranteed to be tender and sweet

The sausage should be heated before serving, and cut into thick slices

Product of Italy

Prosciutto (4 Lb cut) DOP Parma Negroni aged 14 months boneless from Italy

Aged for 14 months
DOP Parma Italy
4lb cut piece

Product of Italy

Italian Prosciutto di Parma Black Label D.O.P. Boneless Whole Leg - Aged 18 Months - 16 Pounds Approx.

**AGED for 18 MONTHS**
16 pound (7.3 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pork, salt - Boneless

The D.O.P. label guarantees both the origin and precise production process of the ham

Product of Italy