Salsicce del Trentino


Salsicce del Trentino – photo

Trentino sausages should be eaten fresh, as they are made for both the long and narrow shape, the pasta is fine, both for spices (pepper, nutmeg, sometimes horseradish, and cumin) that give these little sausages taste particular. Wear is boiled in hot water, or cooked with sauerkraut, or cooked in a pan where they are browned in a little ‘butter; thus form a sauce that is served with polenta.

For the production of sausage and bacon in Trentino it is used only fresh pig behind that, after careful snervatura and separation of the rind, are ground once with mincer with holes on 4 to 6 mm and then salted and flavored with a mixture of spices, so that each producer manufactures has his own recipe.

The dough is then mixed by hand or with mixer, adding the water needed to reach the right softness and then stuffed into sheep casings thin (24-26 mm or 26 caliber -28 Mm) which are tied by hand with the typical system to plot without string. They are stored in a refrigerator at a temperature from 0 to 4 ° C for a week.

The memory of older butchers recalls that the Trentino fresh sausage has always been produced in the butcher of the whole Trentino, having, according to the different areas, different names (eg Lower Valsugana “luganegheta” in Trento city “salziza”, etc.).. Its production has ancient roots: there are traces, indeed, in some manuscripts of 1700.

Source: Atlas of traditional products Trentini, 2004 Fourth Edition – Autonomous Province of Trento