Salsicce di fegato di Rionero Sannitico

Rionero Sannitico (Isernia), Molise

Salsicce di fegato di Rionero Sannitico – photo

Preparation technology.
The mixture of this type of sausage is done with a piece of lean pork, a piece of soft fat, some third choice of meat (pork liver, heart, lung, red meat) and everything is ground with a ten millimeters strip, tanned, stuffed into natural casings and tied to rocks. The sausages are put out to dry for a few days in the kitchen and if not consumed immediately are put in lard. In this way they can be kept for very long time.

a) Raw material: lean meat, liver, heart, lung, fat, tender pork.
b) Technological: salt, pepper, chili pepper, garlic.
c) Additives: none.

Four to five days in a warm and windy.

Aging period.
For twenty days a month. Then in lard.

Production area.
Precious are those from Rionero Sannitico in the province of Isernia. Occur, with variations, throughout the Molise.

Source: Atlas of typical Italian products, Insor, 1989-1995