Salsiccia di Pignone


Salsiccia di Pignone – photo

production area: Pignone (La Spezia)
curiosity: the processing of the sausage is an ancient tradition of Pignone, again witnessed by many in the country until a few decades ago, all families reared one or more pigs and meat processing was performed with the help of experts. Production has acquired a commercial aspect, already 35 years ago, with the activity of a family of salumai from Pignone, even though the product was still intended for a local market. Production continued, gradually increasing so as to open a small butcher shop in Vernazza, Cinque Terre.

Features: pork sausage flavored with salt, pepper and natural spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. In the form of salami, stuffed into natural intestines, length about 10-12 cm and pink with white stripes given by the presence of bacon.

preparation: the pork is cut and then ground. The mixture must be carefully weighed to allow the precise metering of the salt and spices. The ingredients and the meat in Amalga “mixer” and insert in the intestines by the use of filler. Then everything is linked with the characteristic “nodes” using natural cord.

recipe: the sausage is excellent eaten raw in the middle of the Genovese focaccia or cooked on the plate and rolled to the fence and fragrant bay leaves.