Salsiccia di polmone


salsiccia polmone – Text and Photo courtesy of Regione Campania

The second and third pig meat cuts, residual from the manufacturing of other meats, are used in the areas of Avellino, Caserta, Benevento and Salerno to produce lung sausage, also called “pzzentu” (pezzente, ragamuffin) for its poor vocation.

It is produced with lung, from which it takes its name, and other interiors such as spleen, sanguicci, heart, liver, kidney with the addition of washed and warmed in water pork rind. Everything is ground and salt, chili pepper, and wild fennel seeds are mixed in, then they are shaped in a similar dimension as a sausage with pig intestines.

They are dried in a ventilated and fresh environment and it lasts only a month: it can also be fumigated.

Polmonata is very ancient and is a fundamental element to flavour traditional vegetable soups and in particular the married soup (minestra maritata).