Salsiccia gialla fine

Campogalliano (MO), Emilia

salsiccia gialla – Photo ristorante Laghi

Salsiccia gialla fina, sulzezza zala bouna e fina. (MO)

Territory concerned to the production

Originally the territory Este of Modena. Production resumed today in the city of Campogalliano (MO)

Description of product

Pork shredded, salted, seasoned and stuffed into casings thin small diameter that are linked and divided to form a string of small rock, with its characteristic yellow appearance, about 10-12 cm.

Description of methods of processing, preservation and seasoning.

Weeding and cleaning of cuts chosen passage in mincer, adding spezioe pounded in a mortar, the grated Parmesan cheese and salt. The compound is mixed by hand and bagged. Hung out to dry is preserved until the yellow color of brown fat is predominant compared to the lean.

History found

Also called “Sausage tiered” as the Duke of Modena had submitted it to a price control.

Bibliographical references

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