Salsiccia Ligure


Salsiccia Ligure – photo Salumificio Chiesa

curiosity: The sausages, already known in Roman times, where we have the information from Apicius for their preparation, are also mentioned by Martial the appointment as a gift and later on there are recipes that do not differ from those of today.

Features: sausage or pork sausage-shaped tube with a diameter of 2-3 cm, medium-grain dough, with a fat percentage of 15-16%, the salt mixture but generally not too spicy. Sausage tend to lean to the product in other regions. It can be eaten grilled or fried Riddle gut it out of the fat. The product is generally only eaten cooked.

Preparation: The technique used for sausages is similar to that followed for the salami.

The fat, however, is greater (15-16%). The pork fat (30%) and lean (20%) are sometimes mixed with equal amounts of lean beef and sausage in natural casing.

The lean meat are ground more finely than fat. The percentage of fat, which is around 15-16%, characterizes the product Ligurian much to make it less heavy and highly digestible.