Salsiccia Pezzente


salsiccia pezzente – Photo ©

Sausage made from minced pork scraps (head, cheek, lights, liver, and nerves), generously spiced and flavored with garlic; grilled and eaten on toasted bread, in soups, or over polenta.

The “pezzente” (beggar) sausage: the adjective refers to the poor quality of the meats used, coming from parts of the pig which could not be used for the more noble preparations, and this is why it is also known as the sausage of the poor.

Parts of the head are used, above all the cheek and other various scraps, all finely minced up. The mixture is seasoned with salt, wild fennel and hot chili pepper and then packed into the same stomach casing used for the traditional sausage.

Connoisseurs eat it raw, but the real specialty is obtained by boiling it together with vegetables and enjoying it on slices of toasted bread, or grilled and served with polenta.