Salsiccia sotto sugna di Vairano

Vairano, Patenora (Caserta) Campania

salsiccia di Vairano – Photo & text Regione Campania

In Vairano, Patenora, in the province of Caserta, a special kind of sausage is very common, called sauciccia: a meat long about 70-80 cm and bent like a “U”, it is a rather bright red from the use to chili peppers called puparuoli, an aroma and natural antioxidant, is typical of this area. The most authentic tradition requires the sauciccia to be preserved in suet in varnished terracotta vases, still manufactured by artisans that are active in Cascano, near Sessa Aurunca, and in Calvi Risorta.

Traditional sauciccia from Vairano is produced in the winter months, between December and February, with first cut “Casertano” or white pig meat that comes from local, family run, farms; the meat, that is cut into small pieces called “tagliuzzi”, is aromatized with a sauce of puparuoli., wild fennel seeds from the surrounding hills, salt and other spices. After being shaped with natural intestines, it is dried, first on wood boards protected with canapé cloth, and later of wood structures suspended from the ceiling of designated rooms.

After thirty days, the sauciccia is preserved in suet in the varnished terracotta vases. They are usually consumed after the warm summer, usually coinciding with the patron feast of San Bartolomeo on 24 August.