Salumi equini della Valchiavenna

Valchiavenna, Lombardia

Salumi equini della Valchiavenna

The most famous is the “slinzegha”, obtained with cuts of horse meat processed for dry salting vats originally in beech or oak, now in stainless steel for reasons of hygiene.

The mixture of salt artisans add bay leaves, juniper, garlic, pepper and the meat is sometimes flushed with wine. The process is similar to that of dried beef, including the seasoning that must last at least a month.

The pieces, when ready, buy a dark red. The average weight ranges from three hundred grams in a kilogram and a half. Thinly sliced, the slinzegha should be enjoyed as an aperitif or a snack to natural, without any seasoning.

A Chiavenna and elsewhere in the valley are also hunters and sausage made with only pure horsemeat. The “sausage” can be eaten fresh or cooked grilled. The “cacciatorini”, weighing about four ounces, or are listed as an appetizer, sliced, to accompany drinks.