Salamino di animelle e sangue di maiale – Photo Elisa Stefano

curiosity: It was Christmas and retailers used to make small gifts to their loyal customers. The grocer gave the Bérod, the local black pudding, which were once much more tasty because it also encompassed within the pine nuts and raisins. Also during the Christmas period were further enriched by the nuts who refined aroma.

The saguinacci can be enjoyed, after being boiled, fried in a pan with onions.

Features: Sausages of sweetbreads and pig’s blood (sausage, fresh, cooked). The Bérod traditionally eaten during the Christmas period when he killed the pig, is a sausage made from blood or not combined with cooked pork offal. The color is brown and is usually packed size of around 200 grams. It is consumed browned in a pan with onions.

Preparation: The pig blood, mixed in equal parts with fresh milk is topped with pine nuts, salt, pepper and / or sweetbreads (connective tissue). It is all in the bag pork intestines and the final bagged, tied with string, takes the form of sausages to about 200 g in weight. In some areas they are also rounded. You then use the by-products of slaughter of the pig (blood) and spices (bay leaves, pine nuts, cloves) that are added to the mixture. After it was subjected to cooking, Bérod is cooled to room temperature before putting in the refrigerator.