sanguinacci – Photo Sardegna Digital Library

The blood of recently slaughtered pigs and collected in an earthenware pot in which to prevent clots, is mixed with hands or a wooden spoon, copper or terracotta. The pudding, or bleeding from sanguineddu proccu Sardinian, is seasoned differently depending on the region and personal taste, flavor and takes on a more or less sweet depending on the ingredients mixed.

Contribute in various combinations: sapa, raisins, salt, pepper, nutmeg, sugar, walnut pieces, grated lemon or orange zest, honey, fennel seeds, cinnamon, cloves, bacon or lard, milk, cocoa. The blood that is left to seasoned flavor for a whole night, and then introduced fat gut with a funnel. Form of sausages of 10-15 cm, joined, tied with a thread end.

The pudding is eaten cold, after a long cooking in boiling water or roasted on the grill. It is usually served in slices, or used as ingredients for the filling of some sweets.

It ‘a sweet aromas strong and rustic, to be served with dessert wines such as Moscato di Cagliari or Temple and Malvasia di Bosa.