Soppressata abruzzese


soppressata abruzzese

The production area of the soppressata abruzzese (sometimes called sopressata soppressato or sopressato) coincides with the whole of the Region, and the more widespread, however, has Theatine inland, particularly in the Upper Sangro and Aventino.

It ‘s a raw sausage medium grain of irregular shape, flat and slightly curved. Cut the dough is very thin red.

We use lean meat cuts from shoulder, neck, back, thighs, belly. Thoroughly cleaned of tendons and nerves from these meats are shredded and then mixed with salt, pepper and any other flavorings.

After tying with string and an initial period of drying (2-3 days) cured meats are pressed between two wooden boards or between two networks of steel for a period of 4-5 days. The product is consumed after a period of at least 30 days of ripening.

Courtesy of: Atlas of the traditional products of Abruzzo – Abruzzo ARSSA, 2004