Soppressata Bresciana

Brescia, Lombardia

Soppressata Bresciana – photo

Preparation technology.
The lean pork is marinated, ground and bagged, adding in a whole piece of glass or capocollo. Using a quite large intestine or the bladder.

a) Raw material: pork fat and lean.
b) Technological: salt, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and optionally garlic. In preparations finest, flavors are infused in red wine and filtered.
c) Additives: saltpeter in some cases.

Five or six days in rooms heated slightly.

Aging period.
Thirty days in the cellar if they consume cooked from six to fifteen months if they consume cured. It is very important that the tie is very narrow, not quite pass the air. If you need, when sopressa is partially decreased weight, repeat the slur.

Production area.
Province of Brescia, in particular in the lake areas, especially on the shores of Lake Garda.

Source: Atlas of typical Italian products, Insor, 1989-1995