Soppressata di Ricigliano

Ricigliano and San Gregorio Magno (Salerno), Campania

soppressata Ricigliano – Photo Regione Campania

In the province of Salerno, in the towns of Ricigliano and San Gregorio Magno, a tasty meat made of pig meat and bacon fat, is produced. It is soppressata of Ricigliano.

The pig meat, lean ham and loin, are ground and mixed with a small percentage of bacon fat and seasoned with salt and pepper. The mixture is then shaped with natural intestines.

Holes are punched in it to allow it to expel the air present in the pressata, either manually or mechanically. Soppressate are hung on canes to dry and then fumigated with forest wood. They are preserved in oil.