Soppressata di Rionero Sannitico

Rionero, Sannio, Molise

Soppressata di Rionero Sannitico – photo

Preparation technology.
The choice of pig meat from the loins and in some cases, even that of pork with 2% fat, cut by hand by adding a small percentage of fat (2-3%), is seasoned with salt and peppercorns. Stuffed into the gut of the pig and put under pressure for two days.

After drying is done in a heated and ventilated room, it is moved in the basement or in another suitable place to complete ripening.

When the product has matured, if not consumed immediately, is put in fat in glass jars or bins containing wheat. In this way the product is kept fragrant throughout the summer.

Traditionally hung near the hearth to age and acquire a delicate smoky aroma. Sometimes conserved in olive oil or lard; may contain pork blood or ground sweet peppers for a brighter red color.

a) Raw material: selected meat (loin, neck) and fat of pigs reared locally.
b) Technological: salt and pepper.
c) Additives: none.

A week to ten days in ventilated rooms.

Aging period.
About five months in the cellar.

Production area.
It is produced throughout the Molise. Particularly known and appreciated to Castel del Giudice, Montenero di Bisaccia in the province of Campobasso, in the province of Isernia, and of Rionero Sannitico Macchiagodena.

Source: Atlas of typical Italian products, Insor, 1989-1995