Soppressata lucana


Soppressata lucana – Photo Comelat

‘Soppressata’ or ‘soperzata’ is a high quality kind of pork made cold meat, typical of Basilicata. Almost all the villages in Basilicata have their own tradition in making soppressata, but some have very refined techniques, and Rivello certainly is one of them.

The parts of the pork used for making it are the best ones (fillet and thigh muscles) and only pigs bred according to tradition are used.

The meat is hand cut with the system called ‘a punta di coltello’, it is then worked on until it becomes a homogenous mixture that cubes of lard, salt and grains of red pepper are added to. This paste is then made into sausages and let dry under pressure for 24 hours. Every single piece weights about 200 gr.

The maturing lasts from 4 to 5 months. Finally, this meat is lightly smoked. After this, the soperzata can be stored in terracotta or glass vases, in olive oil or in pork fat, in cool places.

When cut this cold meat is bright red with white cubes of fat. Its smell is fragrant and slightly spicy; its taste is delicate and sweet.